Friday, September 28, 2007

What A Pill!

The Grande Enchilada is obsessed with weight just like everybody else, and so was curious about the new non-prescription weight loss pill called Alli, that comes in a very beautiful case with very pretty, colorful lettering.
Since the Enchilada is always deeply suspicious of medicines in general, and of diet pills in particular, she did a little research. According to the Enchilada the only truly successful way to lose weight is to stop fressing (something that she is not quite prepared to do), so a diet pill that everybody can buy is deeply suspicious. No more than half a second into the research, Enchilada finds the catch: not only do you have to eat a low fat diet while you are on this pill, but if you don't, you crap in your pants. The pill only allows you 15 grams of fat per meal, which as far as the Enchilada, amounts to starvation.
However, my question is, if you already have to be dieting and starving, why the hell do you need a pill that gives you the runs? You stick to the low fat diet and you will lose weight without shitting in your pants.
Meanwhile, people in Africa, etc, etc.

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