Saturday, September 22, 2007

Evil, cont'd.

Some "community" center in Florida is sending a bunch of illegal Mexicans to Canada with the false promise of an easily granted asylum. Canada grants asylum to people who can prove they were persecuted due to politics, religion, sexual orientation, etc. The poor Mexicans who are flooding into the Canadian border have only been persecuted by indifference and poverty and the increasingly incoherent and hypocritical immigration policy of the US. So it is highly unlikely that they will be allowed to stay. But this brings up an interesting point. Why is poverty not cause for asylum? Isn't it even more permanent and insidious than prejudice? Isn't it the child of prejudice?
We all know that the number one answer to this rhetorical question is that if poverty were good reason for asylum, every rich country on Earth would be drowning in poor people. But that means is that we are willing to tolerate poverty as a status quo, much more than some less boring miseries. And still poverty is the worst of all.
In any case, Jacques Sinjuste, the general director of the Jerusalem Haitian Community Center has been charging these poor folks $400 a pop to help them fill out Canadian asylum applications.
Anything with a Biblical name on it that charges money to help somebody fill out a form is already very sinister in my view. Why charge so much for the service? Mr. Sinjuste, an apt surname if there ever was one, claims it's not a fee but a donation. Yeah, right. This is malicious and meanspirited.
And I truly wish my hardworking compatriots would not be as gullible and as desperate as to believe everything they hear. The Mexican government should be protecting them, not the Canadians, who apparently are showing up to welcome them with food, for the time being.

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