Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm starting to hate facebook

1. I get an advertising from that new TV show Gossip Girls in my page, as a "sponsored"post. I don't want it there but I can't delete it.
2. I don't want to know that this friend or the other changed a period into a comma in his or her profile every five minutes. But did you know that in your preferences you have a kind of equalizer console that allows you to get more news from some friends and less from others? It's sick and brilliant at the same time.
3. What's with all the applications? I got an invitation to an application that happened to be sponsored by Travelocity. And they warn you that they can look at your information. Too Orwellian for my taste.
4. Is facebook substituting actual human social contact?
5. I got a request for friendship from someone that is more of a strict business acquaintance. I don't even actually know this person in person. She is a supplier. I think Linked In (another waste of time) is more appropriate for that, no?
6. I started receiving several posts from a blogger. I wrote him that I felt he was spamming me and now I am in mortal fear of having offended him. I could send all my facebook "friends" every post that appears on this here blog, but I don't: a). because it is annoying and b.) because I figure that if my url prominently appears on my facebook page, people can use their fingers to click on it and read, if they so desire.
7. I have a feeling that I don't really know how to use facebook.
8. I'm having facebook anxiety. And I'd much rather have analog social anxiety. At least you can sidle up to the bar and order a gin and tonic.

Thanks to fierce Mimosa from Paris for inspiring this article with this link.


  1. Ha! Brilliant, I like your brand of antisocial behaviors. I'll join you at the bar with my lone beer.

    ** ps - I think I'm obsessed with minutiae.

  2. I'm not crazy about it either, seems useless.

    And if Microsoft buys it I am definitely bailing.