Tuesday, October 16, 2007


If I was a dinosaur, I'd not be happy with the naming process, I can tell you that.
Why not Humongousaurus, or Cutiesaurus, or Scarethelivingdaylightsoutofyousaurus?
But isn't it great we now have a "new" species of dino we can hope to see the bones of in a museum soon? These giant Dinos come mostly from Argentina. They leave our North American Dinos in the dust when it comes to size. I personally think it's all that steak over there. When I was there I mushroomed to the size of a small dino myself, precisely because of the steak.


  1. Ode to the Futalognkosaurus

    By A. B. Curtiss

    They now have discovered a new dinosaur.
    All the papers were swift to announce it..
    It has such a strange name I couldn’t believe
    I would ever learn how to pronounce it.

    My teacher suggested I make up a song
    That used FOO-ta-long-koh-SOHR-us.
    And since I wanted to learn it quick
    I repeated the name in the chorus.

    Eighty million years or more
    This creature lived before us.
    He stands more than four stories high,
    He’s one humungus-saurus.
    His length is plus one hundred feet,
    Head to posteri-or-us.
    He has at least three hundred teeth,
    But probably wouldn’t gore us.
    Even if he saw us, chances are
    He would ignore us.
    He’s mainly interested in plants.
    Because he’s herbivorous.

    This is the song, this is the song
    Of the FOO-ta-long-koh-SOHR-us.
    The FOO-ta-long, the FOO-ta-long
    The FOO-ta-long-koh-SOHR-us.

  2. Thank you so much for the splendiferous poem, A. B. Curtiss!
    I'm sure Futi would be very happy with his ode. He would flip his tail with joy and... run for your lives!