Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Where's the fire?

The fact that Bush has gotten off his lazy ass (anatomically, the part where his brains are lodged) and gone racing to California just makes his whole response to Katrina worse, not better. He wouldn't touch the Black residents of New Orleans with a ten foot pole, but he is there in no time for the wealthy of Malibu. No amount of presidential concerned shtick is going to change the fact that he and his administration didn't give a shit about New Orleans, because it was poor and Black. So why fucking bother?
I'm sure that it's not only the rich who have suffered from the fires (it's their maids, gardeners, nannies, etc, too) but it does seem like most of the property affected belongs to wealthy people.
It is mighty interesting to read the readers' comments in the Times. Two idiots saying all they could do is bake cupcakes, makes them prime material for roasting, if you ask me. There are sundry blatantly schadenfreude responses that bring up the real estate market value of homes, completely unconcealed resentment about insurance premiums that are higher for the rest of us because those people choose to live in dangerous ground, contempt for developers that build in zones that always get fires and mudslides, and the inevitable idiots who pray for those in California and use words like tragedy, holocaust and Hiroshima. The penchant for overblown sentimentality in this country is getting way out of hand.
But surely, every year there is either a mudslide or a fire. What gives?

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