Friday, October 26, 2007

Jackhammering at 1:15 AM

People, this is official confirmation that this City is bent on making me lose my mind. But at least they're being nice about it.
Yesterday, I'm about to call it a night around 1 am and I realize that there is intense jackhammering activity on my corner. I look at my window and sure enough, there are two guys in bright orange vests ripping up the asphalt, plus there is enough running trucks and machinery to make a toddler insane with joy. I'm like, why are they doing this at 1 AM? Because, like the proverbial dog with an itch down there, they can. So I call 311. And lo and behold, they answer. And a lovely man tells me that indeed construction work may not happen on weekdays after 6 pm. I'm sure however, that the city can drive us all crazy at all hours of the day and night. He then transfers me to the Dept. of Environmental Protection, who, lo and behold, also answers their phone.
I'm from Mexico, which is the reason for all the loing and beholding. Where I come from, they don't answer the phone in broad daylight, let alone at 1 am. And then a miracle. Whether as a complete coincidence or by design, (but not, God forbid, because I had anything to do with it) the jackhammering stops precisely at 1:30 am. Apparently, the construction work continues unabated further up the street. But the demonic drills are quiet.
Me and the poor rats, who are probably scampering all over my building now, uprooted by the unholy noise, can finally go to sleep.

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