Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Spitzer is a Schvitzer*

I have been following Gov. Spitzer's sensible idea of allowing illegals to have a driver's license in New York State with interest because I was counting the seconds in which hysteria, xenophobia and politics would rear their ugly heads and the plan would come to a screeching halt. About a second and a half is all it took. I guess it is naive of us to expect a good idea to stick, when everything is politics and when the Republicans upstate will do anything to discredit the Governor, regardless of whether he has the best interests of all the citizens at stake. The New York Times gives Spitzer hell for backing down today, and rightly so. He should not have proposed instead a stupid, messy, unfair, ridiculous alternative, which of course, was welcomed with open arms by the Department of Homeland Security, a freaking fiasco, if there ever was one.
Nothing ever gets done in this State. Who votes for people like Joe Bruno? Why are those ancient power hoggers like him still entrenched in Albany? We need to clean Albany up!

*A schvitzer in yiddish is literally someone who sweats buckets, but it's used to describe people who are all talk but no action.

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