Monday, April 10, 2006

The fates of sundry assholes

Just another Manic Monday:

• That insufferably phony Berlusconi, looks like he lost the elections to the left of center party. GOOD. I'm celebrating with a delicious bowl of ravioli from Raffetto's: the best ravioli known to man, at least in New York.

• Jeffrey Skilling, who actually looks a bit like Berlusconi, claims he is "absolutely innocent". I absolutely hope they fry his ass. In lard. In a deep fryer.

• Chirac and De Villepin give their youth job law law up, unable to control the rage of millions of overentitled snotty French youth. They are both loathsome, and it's nice to see the force of public opinion do something, for a change. Apparently, in other countries, it counts for something.

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