Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"Spring is here...

...why doesn't my heart go dancing..."
My dears, I feel so guilty leaving you for so many days without a fresh post, that I don't know what to do with myself. I scan the headlines and to be honest with you I am tired of kvetching and ranting. Couldn't we have one day where everybody in the world behaved themselves? Is that too much to ask? Ahmanedijad or whatever you are called? Bush? Olmert? Now we need to worry about Iran making nuclear biryani out of the western world, the Israelis are not talking to Hamas, Hamas says something about declarations of war, Rumsfeld is still in office and the last episode of the Sopranos rather sucked. I am sick of Tomkat, Brangelina, Vaughniston et al. So is everybody else, but until we all display a collective gag reflex they are going to continue to shove those mutants down our throats ad nauseam.
As for Moses Martin Paltrow. I like the name. I'm glad they didn't call him Grapefruit. Plus, who knows, he could be the next Messiah.
So happy Passover, the feast of freedom, where for eight days there are so many things you can't eat, I've always wondered about how perverse Jews are. Seriously, may this Passover bring to people's consciousness that there are many oppressed people still in the world, all over the five continents. Oppressed by war, poverty, ignorance and injustice. That is what I choose to believe the spirit of Passover is about. Let my people go!
It's also about hoping that Rumsfeld gets all ten plagues in his pinky.
Happy Easter, too.

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