Friday, April 21, 2006

Gas pains

I had to refill the tank of a car I rented in Houston last weekend and I paid $20 for less than half a tank of gas in a compact car. I was shocked.
Now that the American people are feeling the pain at the pumps, now and only now they are going to start screaming and crying and whining and perhaps even demanding their President's resignation because of how high the price of gas. Because that's the only thing they care about: don't make 'em pay any more taxes and don't mess with their cars.
Perhaps if we are lucky they will put two and two together and realize that this gas hike is a consequence of the stupid war they haven't given a shit about for the last three years.
I don't have a car and I don't feel the pain but every time I see a report on CNN about some guy in Georgia who has to pawn his grandmother's watch to get gas, I get happy. Every time I think about all of those who own SUVs, I almost sallivate. Serves you right, you stupid morons. I hope you all start suffering the consequences of your indifference. Particularly those of you Bush lovers in the Red states. I hope you hurt.

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