Friday, April 07, 2006

In other places they riot, here we put on a play

• In Venezuela thousands of people spontaneously take to the streets after the killing of three abducted schoolchildren.
• In France, everybody's been rioting and striking for weeks because of a new law that threatens to fire young incompetent people from their jobs.
• In our own country, hundreds of thousands of immigrants make themselves heard as they fear a terrible immigration law. By the way, there will be nationwide marches on April 10: be there or be square. (Thanks for the info, Cynthia).
• Meanwhile, the war goes on in Iraq, we have all kvetched about it for years from the comfort of our own sofas and nobody lifts a finger in protest anymore.
But the good news is we can all hit the new play by David Hare and lovingly feed our sense of outrage until we are satisfied. Then we can all go home back to our sofas to kvetch.

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