Tuesday, April 04, 2006

They are part of the body count too

As John Cassidy points this week in the New Yorker, some of the immigrants that members of the Republican Party seek to criminalize are parents of children who are now serving in Iraq. Some of their children have come home in body bags.
On Fox News, Bill O’Reilly accused the demonstrators of intimidation. On talk radio, angry callers claimed that the marchers were “anti-American,” citing the profusion of foreign flags and Spanish-language placards. In fact, many marchers were carrying American flags, some of which were emblazoned with pictures of family members serving in the United States military. (For young immigrants, the surest way to secure American citizenship is often to join the armed forces.)

This is for all those oh so patriotic people (like the despicable O'Reilly, despite that puff piece in the same magazine that almost pegged him as a closet liberal) who have this fantasy in their heads that the illegals are some kind of terrible scourge upon this country. These immigrants are only responding to the demand for cheap labor and they are looking for a better life for themselves and their families. Republicans should stop using the excuse of Homeland Security. It has become not only distorted and disgraceful but tiresome. Also, so what if it is an amnesty? SO WHAT?
If people could easily get a visa to come and work here, don't you think they would prefer to stand in line at their local American Embassy instead of risking life and limb and paying thousands of dollars to sometimes unscrupulous people to help them cross the desert? The reason they are here illegally is because they are needed but they can't get in legally. So fix that, motherfuckers, instead of bandying about the word amnesty as if it was some kind of lethal virus. It means forgiveness, for God's sake.
Congress better come up with a sensible compromise and a set of feasible laws that don't punish hardworking, cannon fodder-providers unfairly.

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