Thursday, April 06, 2006

Welcome to My PMS

Today, things that make me furious:

U.S. Focus on Abstinence Weakens AIDS Fight, Agency Finds
The US government insistence on abstinence is weakening the battle against AIDS in the Third World. This is criminal.

2. A NY Judge upholds the completely stupid cabaret laws, effectively curtailing my right to shake my booty at a bar when listening to appropriately funky music. That has always sucked and it continues sucking. Meanwhile, the BBC devotes more words to this item than the NYT. WTF?

3. The Extreme Republicans insist on sinking their opportunity for real immigration reform for idiotic politics as usual instead. This makes me fume.

4. American families try to sit down to dinner together at least once a week. What fresh hell is this? Where are they at dinner time? Scores? Note to parents: make dinner after 8 pm instead of at 6, like people do in every other civilized country on Earth, so everybody in the family can be present. DUH.

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