Wednesday, April 19, 2006

No: I'm the decider

And I've had it with these people! Now it turns out that the way they are spinning Rummy out of his debacle is to try to discredit the generals who have demanded his resignation. Check this out:

"Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney, who is a Fox News commentator, said in an interview afterward that the calls from other retired generals for Rumsfeld to resign came up only briefly. "We didn't waste the secretary's time with that," he said, adding that he puts little stock in the criticisms because they come mostly from two-star generals who were not senior enough in rank to work directly for Rumsfeld. Of the six retired generals who have called for Rumsfeld to quit, four were two-stars, one was a three-star and one — Anthony Zinni — was a four-star who had retired before the Bush administration took office".

Who cares if they are one or two or three stars? Is this the Michelin guide? Are they restaurants or hotel chains or freaking military people? These generals have risked their lives in combat to earn those stars. They should know what they are talking about.

And let me remind you, Mr. President that you are NOT the decider. The American people are the deciders and unfortunately half of them are stupid and benighted enough to have decided to elect the most pernicious President in US history. According to the polls right now they are deciding you suck. Perhaps you do not give a flying fuck because this is your last term. You wouldn't be so cocky about being the decider if you had another election to steal. Disgraceful kindergarden bully.

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  1. Seth Magalaner11:44 AM

    Judy, it's very clear that you do not grasp the American political/military system.

    If two 3-star generals and a 2-star general dislike Rumsfeld, but the administration can find 2 5-star generals who support him, well, then he stays, 10 stars to 8 stars.

    But if the opposition can add the testimony of another 2-star general and maybe a pair of Colonels, well, then the administration will be under pressure to produce another 3-star in support (provided this general is not Jewish or a woman).

    If either side has a coupon, all bets are off.

    It's similar to the Electoral College. I'm sure you understand.

    "Our Lieutenant is an up and coming type,
    Played with soldiers as a boy, you just can bet,
    It is written in the stars, he will get his Captain's bars,
    But he hasn't got enough box tops yet..."

    Tom Lehrer, "It Makes a Fellow Proud to be a Soldier"