Sunday, April 23, 2006

Some people never learn

So Ed Kennedy is saying that if John Kerry runs for President again in 2008, he's supporting him.
Is he sick in the head? I hope this is the equivalent of saying "if my grandmother sprouts wheels, I'm using her as a bicycle". I can't believe this man would even imagine such a thing. Kerry was a disastrous loser who many people voted for not out of conviction or because they liked him but because nobody gave us a better choice. He better not even attempt to run again. I kind of like Joe Biden. This is mostly because I saw him once in The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I also like Barack Obama.
Only the Democrats are so incredibly inept as to be wasting the horrible presidency of their adversaries in the way they are right now. They are spineless cowards.
I didn't read Kurt Andersen's suggestion in New York Magazine that this country needs to have a third party. The fact I haven't read the article does not impede me from commenting on it.
I agree we desperately need a third party. A liberal party of intelligent, practical pols that are allergic to focus groups. A party that will show the stupid Democrats how they need to start paying attention to their own frazzled constituents, instead of pandering to the idiots on the other side. New York Magazine keeps intimating that they think Michael Bloomberg should run for President. They love him. I like him too. He is a pragmatist and he's done well by the city. But I think that instead of creating a new Purple party (purple? Who's going to take that color seriously? Black is better and it's so NY), or convincing Bloomie to run for President, New York City should secede from the rest of the USA and be it's own independent Republic and Bloomie can be our president.

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