Tuesday, June 12, 2007

International Commotion

I wake up today to check out my stats of this here blog and I see a huge, totally unexplained spike in readership (meaning from like 6 to like 60). I thought it was my comment about the end of The Sopranos but after some detective work I soon found out that this only matters here in the US. The rest of the world doesn't give a crap about a crummy TV show, which is how it should be.
Apparently, what got me lots of readers was the post about Bush being adored in Albania.
It seems some people in Australia, Finland, Estonia and Sweden (hi guys!) found it interesting.
I even got a very offended comment from an actual Albanian. She has a right to be miffed, although she seemed more offended about what she read in somebody else's blog than in mine.
Who knew people take geopolitics so seriously?

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