Thursday, June 14, 2007

More Serious Stuff

Take the Middle East, for instance. Where to start? No shortage of bad news there. In fact, are there any good news whatsoever in the region? Ever?
Iraq, we're no longer paying attention to; we just hear the body count rising every day.
How about Gaza? Hamas has basically overthrown Fatah in Gaza. They are killing each other over there. Somebody is probably blaming the Jews for this as we speak.
The fundamentalization of the Palestinian territories cannot be a good thing for anybody, starting with the Palestinians themselves.
You can say all you want about the Jews, and it's probably bad, (because that's what you are used to, repeating bad things about the Jews, like parrots, since the Middle Ages, if not earlier), but Jews, as much as we differ in opinion, and as much as you may loathe us, we don't go killing each other and blowing up each other's temples and killing our own civilians, and justifying the killing of children.
We also don't usually go killing other civilians unless we are provoked. And if we do, as in the recent invasion to Lebanon, there is much soul searching and reckoning after that. We are not a bloodthirsty people. We argue like crazy, but that's about it. When Itzhak Rabin was killed by another Jew for political-religious reasons, it was seen universally as an obscene, inexcusable aberration. If you've noticed, it hasn't happened since. Nobody really calls it like it is because everybody is afraid of sounding politically incorrect or of getting their head blown off in a fatwa, but how can you expect a peace process to happen when the Arabs can't even keep the peace among themselves?

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