Thursday, June 07, 2007

New Photo of The Week

Gotta love this mug shot. Mug shots are the new headshots, people! And jail is the new pijama party!

The ditz was released from jail into house arrest because SHE COULDN'T SLEEP! I thought she never slept already, what with the midnight porn videos and the general partying, but what do I know.
The LA Sheriff's Department's, fittingly histrionic, Hollywood cliché: "She has paid her debt to society."
No, she hasn't. This is what would pay her debt to society: send her to a Gulag in Siberia with no return ticket. Society would be forever grateful.


  1. I agree. What a stupid twat

  2. Our world has gone nuts!
    No one is worrying about the others in that jail, that cannot sleep!
    Pleeeeeeeeeeaze stop this nonsense!
    Leave her there like everyone else or release them all!