Monday, June 11, 2007

Worst Episode Ever

What a stupid, cheap way to end a great run, the Sopranos. One expected something of a certain gravitas, of a tragic nature, a chance for the magnificent James Gandolfini and Edie Falco to shine and take their curtain call with everything they've got, which is plenty. Instead, a stupid, stupid inane boob tube ending. A fucking sophomoric practical joke on the audience? Is that the best they could come up with? Kill everyone, kill Tony, betray him, get the FBI to nab him, have them all escape by the skin of their teeth, but commit to something. Let alone you owe it to the audience, you owe it to the character.
Yes, it was implied that Tony's time to face the music had come. But without seeing him fall, or react or learn or take it like a man, what is the freaking point of 86 episodes over 8 years? A freaking waste.
I had people at home over for this shit. People who had never seen the show and people who were skeptical. We were all dumbfounded and not in a good way.
Not only was the ending stupid, but the entire episode was worthless. Why concentrate on stupid AJ and his stupid antics? Who gives a flying fuck about fucking Meadow? (I have wished for someone to whack her for years). It was like an episode of the Partridge Family, it had no depth, no feeling, no punch, no wisdom: it just wasted 58 minutes of time until they came up with that moronic punchline. And I don't care about what anybody says about David Chase. This ending is not brilliant: it's lazy and insulting to the actors and to the viewers. Even when you happen to create the best TV show this country has ever seen, it seems that there is an unavoidable impulse for cheap, dumb, facile entertainment. That's why so many people think this is a dumb ass country.

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