Monday, June 11, 2007

OMG! Richard Serra at MOMA

I loved the gigantic, gorgeous steel sculptures by Richard Serra at MOMA. They are sexy and powerful and stunningly beautiful and they make you dizzy as you walk through their slanted curves that defy gravity and they look like giant curlicues of chocolate shavings, they look like the huge prows of ships, they look like enormously graceful ribbons of massive steel and they are serious and fun and awesome and macho and sexy and art and it boggles the mind how exactly they were installed on the second floor.
Super mega wow.

Outside, the amazing racket of the Puerto Rican Day Parade was kind of awesome too. Major noise. La raza out in full force. The Museum was eerily empty for a Sunday afternoon. Lots of people may have sequestered themselves out of midtown for fear of the Boricua hordes, but actually it was a breeze to get there and to come back in the subway without a hitch.

Very cool Sunday.

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