Friday, June 08, 2007

Moctezuma's Revenge

Department of News in Mute:

I'm watching CNN at the gym and a title says "Bush's Stomach Flu getting better". And who is standing right next to Bush as this ticker appears? Our very own Felipe Calderón, Prez of Mex.
(We made it to the G8, yay! Then again, why exactly are we there?)
Well, I just hope people don't put two and two together and assume the stomach upset was the Mexican's fault. You know what they say about Mexican food...

Maybe Bush got his little flu because of how revolted he must be at this Senate's incomprehensible inability to freaking sign an immigration law. The issue is so complicated I defy anyone to explain it to me, but no matter how byzantine the law is, this just looks really bad. A year ago I was in LA in that massive, peaceful march for immigrant rights. And still, nothing has happened.

Also, while we are at it: In the Democratic debate, Wolf Blitzer asked the candidates whether they thought English should be the official language of the US. Only one of them raised his hand yes.
I don't see why English should not be the official language of this country. In Mexico, the official language is Spanish and in France it is French and in Israel it is Hebrew, so why the hell not. That doesn't mean that people can't speak or express themselves however they see fit, but there is a language that is of common use to all here and that should be English. The more immigrants think they don't need to speak it, the more damage they do to their own prospects. In order to progress and get better opportunities people need to speak English. Nobody is going to take away their native tongue, but geez, enough with the political correctness. Yuck.

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