Monday, March 06, 2006

An article of mine

...has appeared on Adweek's Marketing y Medios. Click on the dots and check it out!

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  1. Sleeping Giant11:36 PM


    I gotta say, though, it frightens me that you've got to spell some of that material out to advertisers. It confirms my fear that gringos get brain-freeze when they're about to try to communicate with "the other."

    [Cue: horror film soundtrack: descending chords.]

    We somehow lose our common sense, and land up making exactly the kind of mistakes we fear.

    "Gee, wilikers, I'd hate to offend those nice people... let me prove to them that I have some interest in their culture -- now what do I know about Latinos? (or African Americans, or Koreans, or whatever)."

    So we land up pulling out whatever cliches we learned from our ever-so-diverse (not!) media, and offering them back to our intended new friends to prove how gosh-darn eager we are to be "open."

    Yikes. Hate to admit it, but I've found myself mid-brain freeze at times. May I have the great good sense to ADMIT MY IGNORANCE and learn something next time.