Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What's with all the product placement?

You would think that since you are paying too much for cable already, you have the luxury of not having to look at brands while you watch TV, but if the first episode of this season of The Sopranos is any indication, we are going to be subject to more insidious brand porn. Perhaps it was unusually heavyhanded because it was the first episode and HBO knew it would have a huge audience, but it was really distracting (and apparently successful). To wit:
Off the top of my head: Phillips TV set, Cingular cell phone with low battery, some Post Breakfast Morning Crunchy Orgasm (or something like that) cereal, Corvette, Porsche Cayenne mentioned 582 times by Carmela, who was acting as if indeed she was in a car commercial. There was more, but luckily, I forget.
What are they going to do next, product placement in Rome?
I HATE product placement. I think it is loathsome and dishonest, particularly when it's used in entertainments, such as The Sopranos, that don't really need the money.
Meanwhile, apparently the Mormons in Big Love only buy generic store brands because there was not one recognizable showcased product in their surreally chaotic household, which in itself makes me a fan of the show. As long as it's deemed controversial, pussy advertisers will keep their claws off the show, which will allow me to admire the always fabulous Harry Dean Stanton* and Bruce Dern (blast from the 70's past!) undistracted. Thank you for giving jobs to these amazing actors, plus Mary Kay Place, Melora Walters and Grace Zabriskie (ultra creepy), Ginnifer Goodwin and Tina Majorino. Great cast. Will keep watching.

*I love that man.

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