Thursday, March 02, 2006

Call your local Congressmoron

After what feels like many eons of the Worst Presidency in the History of this Great Nation, the subject of how we got to be in this sorry mess in the first place has come up again. In the Talk of the Town this week, Hendrik Hertzberg gets my hopes high by reporting that there are about three nerds ready to talk about this issue seriously in Washington: let's not have an Electoral College pick the POTUS. Let's have each American cast an individual vote and vote for the Commander in Chief like they do in other countries, such as that beacon of transparent democracy, Mexico.
Not so easy, Kimosabe. Apparently such a clear and simple solution is too outrageous for our Constitution, so the three nerds have devised a convoluted way in which they can do away with the dastardly Electoral College. If it isn't impenetrable, apparently it can't be taken seriously, but no matter. It's time for all of us to truly push for this idea. Why should sixty thousand idiots, give or take a few, in Ohio or New Hampshire take the entire country hostage?
So call your nearest ineffectual, lazyass, hypocritical, brownosing, morally cowardly Congressman or woman and demand the demise of the Electoral College.
Hell, maybe all the trailer trash rednecks and evangelical lunatics who go to church on Sundays and then have lunch at Hooters across the parking lot will elect someone even worse than Bush (it boggles the mind that there would be such a thing), but at least it will be a true democracy.


  1. You will never EVER get those in power to change the status quo.

    We will never have a one man/one vote system. That would mean that politicos would only campaign in areas where the population was the highest. Since too many senators come from areas that would under-represented (see the "Great Compromise") getting rid of the electoral college will never happen.

    Hell, we should have instant runoff voting but we don't because it encourages strategic campaigning and would allow for 3rd, 4th and even 5th parties. We should also have representation based on the amount of votes each party got. We'll never get that either. The Dems and Reps have a stranglehold on the system. Two parties means all the money goes to them. Period.

    At the very least, people should understand that we live in a representational republic, not a democracy.

  2. We can get it all! Instant runoff voting, proportional voting and a national popopular vote.

    One thing: the key with this proposal is not to contact you U.S. House Member. No, you're supposed to contact your state representative, as this plan goes into affects once enough states take action. Check out for the full scoop of how to get involved.

  3. So glad to hear from such passionate, super-smart people. Thanks for the very useful clarification, democracyusa. Will make sure to pester my state representative.