Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The ugly Americanas

Only in America does the American Medical Association caution female springbreakers on the dangers of drinking themselves into a coma, behaving altogether obnoxiously and sleeping around like nymphomaniac hos. In other countries, what you do with your drunken, overshaken booty is considered to be solely your problem. In other countries, in fact, there is no such thing as Spring break, in the American sense. Students behave as if they actually had brains between their ears.
I wish the AMA had also mentioned something, not only about the risks of alcohol poisoning and the spreading of VD, but about the general unseemliness of alighting on foreign soil, usually Cancún, México, and behaving like boorish pigs. My parents taught me that when you go to someone else's house or country, you represent the place you come from and people will judge your home and your country according to what they see in you. In that sense, besides Bush, Cheney and Ashcroft, springbreakers are the worst possible PR the US can have.
I am no party pooper. Drink and have sex to your heart's content, but do it with style.
There is nothing more hideous than a girl who can't hold her liquor. Learn to drink, you sluts.
Learn to control yourselves. Mexico, for those of you about to go there for spring break, is a very conservative, traditional, Catholic country. You shaking your tits in the air at the slightest provocation for a whole week is considered very rude.
Also, you may want to know that it is not a country where people make money. Those who bring you food and pick up your dirty underwear and ply you with drinks, make very little a week. Think about it for a second.
I wish these kids could see and hear how the people who serve them at these hotels see them. Imagine if you were a Mexican hotel maid and had to clean up after these brats.
True, the managements of hotels and restaurants and discos encourage the rampage, and for all that Mexicans complain, Spring break brings a pretty penny every spring.
That's what's troubling about tourism, that people go to other countries and think these countries are there solely for their cheap amusement. They think that because things are cheap, the whole country is cheap. Americans do it in Mexico at Spring break, but they are by no means alone. The entire country of Cuba is a brothel for tourists from Latin America, Canada and Europe looking for cheap, sometimes underage sex. Everywhere you go that is not an A-list country, you will find the blight of sleazy tourism. In Prague, which has a nasty sex boom, there are bars who refuse to serve stag parties from England, because of their lousy behavior. Has anyone heard of manners?

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