Monday, March 20, 2006

Where in the hell?

It's easy for us to be outraged at the fact that in Afghanistan a man can be condemned to death for refusing Islam and converting to Christianity. It seems to us these things happen in a very distant wacky planet called Afghanistan, despite the fact, as the BBC points out, that there is a bozo in power called Hamid Karzai, installed there by the US and that the West is pumping a lot of moolah to get that godforsaken country out of its stone age ways. Have I mentioned how much I truly loathe religion? Don't get me started.
But, as I like to point out as frequently as I possibly can, if we continue allowing the religious right to hijack government policy in this country, we may not be far from such outrageous notions in the not too distant future right here in our own backyards.
Just check out one of the most emailed articles in the NYT this week. A review about a book ominously called "American Theocracy" which is spreading panic on the secular streets and rightly so. This phrase in itself, American Theocracy, runs contrary to everything this country stands for. I hope it does not become a household phrase. It's downright scary.

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