Saturday, March 25, 2006

But according to Bush, everything's coming up roses

When does a civil war officially start? How many people have to die horrific deaths for the current administration to acknowledge the mayhem that's going on in Iraq right now? To admit that they have brought civil war to Iraq. Not peace, not freedom and no democracy.
So now we send in more troops. Too late.
And Russell Feingold is demonized and ostracized by his own spineless, pathetic, morally repulsive Democrat colleagues for mildly suggesting to censure Bush (and not even for the war, but for the surveillance scandal).
Bush should be impeached and removed from office and Cheney and Rumsfeld (particularly him) tried or sued or whatever you do in this country to demand accountability not only for the Iraqi and American blood they have shed, but for the disaster in foreign policy they have unleashed. They are criminally incompetent and unfit for office. They are brazenly callous and arrogant and unrepentant. Why are they still there?

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