Friday, March 31, 2006

The Wizard of Oz

This article by Amos Oz in The Guardian is only an excuse, dear readers, to tell you that this very blog was quoted today in no other than the selfsame Guardian newspaper, London, England, right across the pond.
Of course I'm kvelling so much that my ever expanding Enchiladaness threatens to engulf lower Manhattan and entire chunks of New Jersey.
I was quoted on the second page on a section called Today on the web, that reproduces quotes from several bloggers around the world about the results of the Israeli elections. Mine is the first quote, right below a picture of Mr. Ehud Olmert, new big kosher cheese in charge. It looks beautiful (the quote, not the big cheese).
Unfortunately, I have scoured the internet edition of the Guardian looking for the link so I can hurl it at the cyberwinds, and either I'm hopeless or it isn't there. You will have to trust me.
However, as an exclusive service to you, dear readers, you get to see the whole item right here. The actual quote is in bold letters:
• Israel voted for the Centrist Kadima party, sending the rightwing Likud to the dumps in a historic vote. The people have spoken and most of them want to "separate" Israel from the occupied territories. This being Israel, this really means that the squabbles between 10 zillion ridiculous parties are about to begin yet again. Hopefully Olmert will be able to do as he says and get rid of the occupation soon. What is amazing to me is that the voters registered quite a low turnout. The rest of the world is waiting with bated breath to have this freaking problem resolved and Israelis are either too tired or too cynical to go vote. Really.
If I were Olmert, this is what I'd do with the Jews who insist on living in the territories where they are not welcome, for purely Biblical reasons:
"Fanatical Jews who insist on living where you are not welcome: we are moving out of the territories by X date. You can start packing now. You will be very welcome to move back into your choice of Biblical condos within our safe borders. If you choose to stay behind, knock yourselves out. I won't be sending soldiers to retrieve you by the ears and by the hair, as has been the custom the past few dismantlings. Nor will I be sending soldiers to defend you after said deadline. You are on your own. Shalom. Ehud".
Once again my dreams of glory are squashed by the fact that since the quote is not in the internet, millions of people around the world won't read it, not making me rich and/or famous.
Still, it's not every day one gets quoted in The Guardian.
A special thanks to dear Nick for alerting me to my little 15 minutes.

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