Wednesday, March 22, 2006

An offer they couldn't refuse

Yesterday I saw an ad for "The Godfather", the video game. They used that beautiful music by Nino Rota and the likenesses of Brando and some of the actors of the film. I was disgusted. Nothing is sacred anymore. When Tom's of Maine, purveyor of nasty tasting all-natural toothpaste is bought by Colgate, and Ben and Jerry's by Unilever and Kiehl's by Loreal and when The Godfather becomes a violent, completely unnecessary videogame, it just confirms that this world is going to the big dogs.
Shame on Paramount Pictures. Haven't they made enough money with The Godfather franchise already? Is there no leaving well enough alone?
At least Variety reports that Francis Ford Coppola was against the game and refused to collaborate, which is good to know. Most of the actors lent themselves to the voiceovers except for Al Pacino (bless him). Even Brando did, but was too sick and died before he completed the taping.
I'm not a naive person who was born yesterday and thinks movies are untouchable works of art. But The Godfathers I and II were actually magnificent artistic achievements and important milestones in American cinema (III should have never happened). Why sully everything for cash?

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