Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ungrateful bastards

I'm so glad the immigration rally in LA was the hugest concentration of people yet achieved for a single cause. It is the height of ungratefulness to treat as felons illegal immigrants that power many American businesses and reap them big profits. Hey, if you don't want them here, stop hiring them. But don't be such racist hypocrites.
If the government wants to punish someone, maybe it should treat as felons the employers who hire illegals so they don't have to pay minimum wages or give workers basic benefits.
It is really the height of chutzpah.
Who's going to pick your produce, wash your clothes, tend your gardens, build your buildings, cook your food and deliver it, while you exploit these people's illegal condition?
The hypocrisy lies in the fact that if the illegals are naturalized then they have to be treated fairly with the same rights as American citizens, and that is not in the interest of big business.
And don't be fooled because this is nothing but a racial issue. People are afraid this country will become brown. That's where the problem lies. Business owners are happy to exploit illegals. Illegals need the work so they can feed their families. It's only a bunch of racists who wants these people out.


  1. What are you A BEANER YOURSELF!!!!!
    The american government is at fault.
    The mexican government is at fault!!!!!!!!!
    The mexican people are at fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The american people are at fault!!!!!!!!!!!
    The catholic church is at fault!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just put machine guns on the border and start shooting their asses, that would end the damn problem once in for all.

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