Sunday, March 26, 2006

Everything you always wanted to know about God

...but were afraid to ask because it is such a taboo. Well here it is, in the words of the fantastic Argentinean writer Ernesto Sábato: a theory of who God really is, and one I subscribe to more than all the others. The translation from the Spanish is mine:

1. God does not exist.
2. God exists and he is a scoundrel.
3. God exists, but sometimes he sleeps: his nightmares are our existence.
4. God exists, but has fits of madness; those fits are our existence.
5. God is not omnipresent, he can't be everywhere at once. Sometimes he is absent; perhaps in other worlds? In other things?
6. God is a poor devil, with a problem too complicated for his own strength. He fights against matter as an artist fights with his work. Sometimes, at a given moment, he can be Goya, but generally he's a disaster.
7. God was vanquished before the beginning of History by the Prince of Darkness. And, turned into a mere devil, his reputation is doubly lost, because this calamitous universe is attributed to him.

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