Friday, September 01, 2006

All lies, all the time

A quick scan of the paper today:

The Chinese are trying to blot Chairman Mao out of history, just like he tried to do to others . It's a tall order, if you ask me, to diminish the contributions of this man to despotic, criminal totalitarianism, forced marches, massive starvation, the persecution of anybody with a brain, and fashion, but as they are communists themselves, they are following in his footsteps and doing him one better. They are disgusting.

The tobacco companies have been increasing the dosage of nicotine in cigarettes without telling anyone about it. I used to like smoking, and I bum a cigarette here and there, and I never really got into the satanization of Phillip Morris, but this is really already way too much. Nobody should buy any more cigarettes from these people. I am convinced that in other countries that have far less regulation than the US, tobacco companies put far more additives and nicotine in cigarettes. I noticed that in Mexico, Marlboros burn much faster and taste very different and that gives me further heebie jeebies. It's a good reason to quit smoking. You know you are dealing with poison but it's not nice that they are giving you more poison than you think without you knowing it. Not nice.

Rumsfeld has the gall to call Bush opponents something like Hitler appeasers. Well I think he's this close (.) to being a nazi himself, so there. Aren't you people tired of being lied to all the time by this bunch of most unsavory people? Bush, Cheney, Rummy. Don't they make your tummies turn?

That asshole Blackwell in Ohio is doing his darnedest to destroy ballots from the last election, ballots which show major irregularities on how that sorry contest was won, most probably dirtily, by Bush. Which gives me heartburn every time I think about the stupid electoral college and useless states like Florida and Ohio holding the entire country hostage. Look at Mexico, where one vote is all it takes...

Speaking of Mexico, there is fear today, Mexican State of the Union day. There is fear that there will be violence from AMLO's supporters. I'd love to know what's going on. Are Mexico City's streets eerily quiet today? I bet. There is no drinking before or on this day, which just today may be a good thing. Although at this point it is patently clear that outrageously irrational behavior in Mexico is an ocurrence not exclusively related to alcohol.
Mexican Independence Day (9/15) also promises to be, as a friend says "dense". Somebody tell AMLO to piss off already.

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