Saturday, September 02, 2006

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Yesterday around midnight I was finally able to catch some news about the political chaos now happening in Mexico City, because all you heard about was hurricane John and the American tourists who were riding out the storm in Cabo San Lucas. Like that was more important.
Well, I saw a panel of deputies from the 3 main parties, PAN, PRD and PRI have a civilized and utterly pointless discussion on TV. I had forgotten how well spoken my Mexican political fellow citizens are. I was mesmerized by the liberal use of highfalutin polysyllabic words and rhetorical flourishes. I'm not joking. Frankly, living and working here in the Hispanic mercadito, one forgets how Spanish should actually be spoken, even if it is by a bunch of shameless politicos. It was like listening to Cervantes bullshiting around. It made me realize that the Spanish spoken in the States is drastically impoverished.
Now, what I found interesting was that the bottom line, which everybody was trying to skirt except for the PAN reps, was WTF is going to happen once the Electoral Tribunal gives its final, final dictum. I was under the impression they had already done so, but this being Mexico, apparently they have to do it once more, with gusto. The PRD deputies had no answer for that. One of them, a fellow called Navarrete, was extremely skilled in the art of spin, he was very impressive, a regular Karl Rovito, and the other one was a clown, one of those like AMLO who are more plainspoken and thus are liked by people with limited vocabularies. But when confronted with an answer for AMLO's shenanigans, they basically looked like they had been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. It was evident that they have still not found a way to spin themselves out of that one and worse, that they don't know what to do about it. The Panista guys were right to demand an answer. Santiago Creel, though smart, comes across as really pompous. It's not a good sign when even the Priistas are less wooden than him. The other PAN guy, Larios, was actually better, because he kept bringing reality back to the table, while the rest were basically jerking off in front of the Mexican people, something they know how to do quite well. The PRI guys, were as always, almost hilariously shameless. One, Manlio Fabio Whatever, was utterly full of shit. The other one, Gamboa Patron, was slightly wilier but it is clear that the PRI is having a ball, watching the other 2 bozos go at each other's throats and pretending that life was so much better when they were in power.

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