Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rice Pudding

I think it's just rich for Condi Rice to accuse Clinton now of not doing enough to get Bin Laden. Really! Why bring that up just before the elections? What about "we're going to smoke em out of their holes"? What about "mission accomplished"? How can you blame someone else for your own disasters? It is shameful and cowardly.
I have tried to give Condi the benefit of the doubt, but she is a spineless bitch. At least Colin Powell had some amount of principle and he made his inconformity known to his bosses. She is just a toady.
I hope the American people can tell this for what it is: a transparent scheme to discredit the Democrats and Clinton, who is their most formidable opponent in the coming elections and who is doing a good job of agitating for the Dems.
I haven't seen his defense on TV, but I was at the gym looking at him with no volume, and he seemed really pissed. This kind of anger is what the Democrats need. Put some passionate outrage into the proceedings already. We are fed up.

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