Saturday, September 09, 2006

I Love LA

I swear, this is the only city in the US, outside of NY, where I would live, despite some obviously freakish people that give me the sweats. But I find the place beautiful and user-friendly. Non-challenging in a lifestyle kind of way, if you discount plastic surgery and liposuction. What's not to like about a town that has a drycleaners that works seven days a week and has one hour service with no additional charge? You tell me.
Still, tonight we had dinner at a place called Mirabelle on Sunset Blvd. The food was surprisingly good considering that the clientele was the tackiest bunch of people I've ever seen, bar none.
I saw the two most outrageous rugs to ever grace two bald pates. One of them looked like darth vader's helmet made with plush toy material. Why?
There were lots of tacky Russians and an anorexic, miserable looking Russian call girl, who chain smoked and drank margaritas with a straw. After at least three of those she relaxed and started bobbing her head. That was the extent of her good time.

From my room service menu at the hotel: (please note the prices).
The menu goes on to explain that the doggie diet is particularly good for pooches that suffer from jet lag. I still like this town much more than I should.

And who could live without dancing fountains?

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