Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More AMLO news

The Miami Herald seems to be the only paper reporting the news of Mexico I want to hear: that AMLO's campaign is losing steam, that many people who supported him now shun him, that is marginalizing himself. The Times and the BBC, just talk about the court's decision, but not about the shifts in public opinion. So I hope the Herald is right. AMLO is now talking of creating a parallel government and of disrupting the traditional Independence Day celebrations. It's like a pest that won't go away.
But it just goes to show how rationally challenged he is, that instead of continuing his political career through legitimate means, such as preparing to win the next presidential campaign, he's just on an absurd crusade to create instability and chaos. The Miami Herald reports that were the elections held today, Calderon, his opponent, would win by 24 percentage points, as opposed to the less than 1 point that made him president-elect. AMLO's hubris is enormous, but what worries me is that it is throwing the baby with the bathwater. That he is incapable of sustaining a political campaign is his problem, it shouldn't be the burden of the entire country.

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