Monday, September 18, 2006

Do not offend the religious...

...or they may come and get you (that goes for you as well, Pope).
I feel so very much like opining on the Pope's misadventures with Islam and his idiotic quotes of obscure medieval scholars that I secretly concur with, but I'm afraid some zealot is going to come and get me. Religions have always been historically oversensitive to criticism, perhaps because they are naturally predisposed not to tolerate any.
Let me clarify. What the medieval genius said about Islam you could pretty much say about any religion and you would be right. At this juncture, it seems to me that religion is doing far more harm than good to humanity. Apparently, it's been hijacked on all sides by hordes of imbeciles (of every creed). Religion already gave us some things that come in handy (the beginning of civilization, holidays) and it is time for us to chuck the stuff that is not helping. The intolerance, the war against intelligence and reason, the regressiveness, the coercion. It looks like they are now pining for the end of civilization. I don't see why we have to put up with that.
Marx was being polite when he said it was the opium of the masses. I wish. The masses would be happily stoned and leave the rest of us to pursue our happiness in peace. Religion seems to be the crack cocaine of the masses, making them ornery, volatile and dangerous, and unfathomably stupid. Stupid like there is no tomorrow (and at the rate they are going, there will be no tomorrow soon).
So I don't know about you, but I just about had it with the freaking religious nutjobs of any denomination. I've had it with the Pope and his pedantically clueless remarks and even worse with his apology. If he wants to pick a fight with the increasingly touchy Muslims, if he wants to show them who is who when it comes to self-appointed messengers of God on Earth, he should be ready to stand his ground. His excuse sounded to me like the "I didn't inhale" of the theocratic world.
The Islamists are angry at the West's offenses against their religion? Really? No shit! How about I am angry at them about 9/11 and Madrid, and London, and Amman and the war on toiletries and their endless threats against my way of life?
These people are succeeding in making us frightened little cowards, and that seems to include the leader of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church. They are succeeding in making us afraid with their enforced tantrums. They have obviously not gotten the memo about live and let live. I am sick of them and their infantile rages. I am worried that the forces of moderation are too moderate to stand up to them. And I think it's time we fight for what we believe in with less fear.
Now please give me a wig and a new nose and put me in the witness protection program.

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  1. Hey! If the crazies have the right to judge us in their childish ways (infidels, etc), we agnostics have the right to judge them in our own way. I see religious fanatics as the scum of the earth. Any religion! The pope and his cardinals are a bunch of foolish old men dressed up in costumes. The fanatic muslims need to get a life, and stop dwelling on all these ridiculous superstitions. If someone draws a cartoon of your prophet, nothing is going to happen! Just try it one day! Don't overreact and see if anything bad happens. For a species that claims to be "special" and made in god's image, we sure can be silly. Dangerously silly.