Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Well that explains it

Too much testosterone kills brain cells.
While estrogen seems to be neuroprotective.
I've suspected it all along. Maybe Bush suffers from too much testosterone. He behaves like a macho cowboy without a brain, so check his testosterone levels. Hell, check the testosterone levels of all the neocon hawks that have sold him the bill of goods we are all going to pay so dearly for. They need estrogen injections, presto.

Too much testosterone can kill brain cells, researchers said on Tuesday in a finding that may help explain why steroid abuse can cause behavior changes like aggressiveness and suicidal tendencies.

Testosterone is key to the development, differentiation and growth of cells and is produced by both men and women, although men produce about 20 times more of the hormone.


It can also be abused, and recent scandals have involved athletes who use the hormone, or steroids that turn into testosterone in the body, for an unfair advantage.

Ehrlich's team tried the same thing with the "female" hormone estrogen, just to be fair.

"We were surprised, but it actually looks like estrogen is neuroprotective. If anything, there is less cell death in the presence of estrogen," she said.


"Next time a muscle-bound guy in a sports car cuts you off on the highway, don't get mad -- just take a deep breath and realize that it might not be his fault," Ehrlich said in a statement.

This explains soooo much.

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