Friday, September 01, 2006

Flipping the Tortilla

The idiot PRD congressmen who did not allow President Fox to deliver his State of the Union address tonight, deserve to be sent to the corner and to wear a dunce cap from here to eternity.

"It's completely militarized around here. It is completely illegal, unconstitutional," Democratic Revolution congressman Cuauhtemoc Sandoval (HAD THE UNMITIGATED GALL OF TELLING) The Associated Press. "Vicente Fox started out as a president, and is finishing up as a dictator."
Number one, he is not finishing up as a dictator, you sorry ass putz. He is leaving in December. Has no intention of staying. And how legal and constitutional it is for AMLO to ignore the ruling about the election results by a legitimate court, and to have thousands of people blocking the streets of the city because of his spurious whim, because of his inexcusable tantrum? Is that legal and constitutional? Is it legal and constitutional to manipulate peoples' hopes by lying? By ignoring the fact that nobody else saw any irregularities, and that most everybody agrees that the elections were clean? More than 240 thousand people voted for the other guy. A narrow margin, but a margin. You lost. Period.

"Vicente Fox is a traitor to democracy, and even worse, he's leaving the country having turned it into a powder keg," said Edgardo Cantu of the Labor Party, part of Lopez Obrador's coalition.
Excuse me? Who turned the country into a powder keg? Have these people no shame?
I think so far the Fox government has shown admirable restraint in dealing with the lawless, irresponsible defiance of AMLO. So don't start flipping the tortilla and blaming Fox for overreacting.
The PRD has painted itself into a corner and is deliberately provoking a forceful outcome, regardless of what AMLO says, pretending he's not looking for violence (he is praying for it, believe me). They can't now start screaming and yapping when they see riot police because they've been asking for it since day one of this disaster.
President Fox, whether we like him or not, is the first President in over 70 years of Mexican history to have been elected cleanly. As far as I know, he did not rob the country blind like many of his predecessors. Other disgraceful Mexican presidents never had to put up with the shit he's putting up with because they were all from the same party that controlled everything. He deserves to be allowed to deliver his final address to the nation. He will do so on TV anyway, and what the PRD assholes may have achieved is that now everybody who wasn't going to tune in, is going to, if only because of curiosity.
Mexicans rarely give a shit about the State of the Union, because for years it was all pointless demagoguery and because they have been cynical about government for ages. This is precisely one of the reasons why they are so unprepared for democracy, and they confuse this ridiculous acting up with democracy, because in a land where nobody trusts anybody, everybody can always claim to have been ripped off and someone will believe them. In Mexico you assume you are getting ripped off the minute you are born. This is the game AMLO has played, he has played on the cynicism and the mistrust of the people, which is deep and rampant. He is the lowest vermin for doing so and the PRD's conduct is shameful and grotesque and despicable.
I just hope that most Mexicans retain some speck of common sense and civility and understand that these outbursts have absolutely nothing to do with true democracy, and everything to do with the same paternalistic, dishonest, patronizing shit that has plagued Mexican politics forever.

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