Monday, September 25, 2006

First Freedom First, my Friends

I am doing my duty as a concerned American and member of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, to inform you, my dear readers, that as you read this, this country is inching perilously close towards theocracy with each passing day. And we aren't doing anything about it.

• You have been already mortified with international embarrassment about school boards in Kansas and other medieval states, such as Pennsylvania trying to enforce creationist school curriculums.
• You have witnessed the government's absolutely shameless intervention in the case of that poor woman in a coma, whatshername.
• You have seen that even NASA is not safe from Bush's evangelical fervor and that the scientific progress of this country is in terrible danger.
• You may know that the Bush Administration withdraws funds to NGO's trying to curb the spread of AIDS if they endorse the use of condoms. They, and their retarded abstinence bullshit, are responsible for thousands of infections that could be prevented.
• You have seen that the Religious Right will stop at nothing to ensure we're safely back in the Stone Age, together with our friends from the Taliban and the pesky Islamists and every other extreme religious zealot, and that includes those unbelievably stupid ultraorthodox Jews who met with Mahmoud the other day. I can safely say I hate them as much or more than I hate him.

I'm pretty sure that your idea of the United States of America does not include the word theocracy in it. So please sign a petition that will presumably be shared with our lazyass representatives in Congress and whoever else is responsible for our fates, and express your inconformity with these alarming developments.
Sign the petition and pass it along to your nearest and dearest.
I usually don't believe in this petition kind of stuff, and I will not ordinarily use my blog to shill these things but these people need to be stopped and I'll do whatever helps and so should you.
By the way, the brochure I got from the good folks at AU mentioned that this petition is an initiative from AU and the Interfaith Alliance (that is, everybody else who is not a right wing Christian nutjob), backed by some important anonymous donors. These donors should be known publicly. They should be proud to lend their names to this endeavor. Just like Richard Branson comes out with a huge check for Global Warming, and Warren Buffett gives his billions to the Gates Foundation, I wish somebody of that caliber would lend their names to this fight. I swear (to God?) that if I was a gazillionaire I would happily contribute my gazillionaire profile for this cause.
People are always afraid to mess with religion. This to me is as stupid as being superstitious. Nobody should be afraid of the people who abuse religion. Those people should be repudiated openly. A bolt of lightning is not going to hit you if you dare to say what's right.

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