Monday, August 06, 2007

Americans are idiots

Americans who don't take vacations or who bring their infernal blackberries and laptops and cellphones to the beach; who do not complain that we are the country with less paid vacation time than any other industrialized nation, (ZERO days by law as compared to 30 days in France and 25 in Spain); people who eat power bars at their desks and think one hour of yoga a day is what's going to save them; or who show up at work despite a fever of 104, thinking that they are performing some kind of heroic act because they didn't stay at home are idiots and deserve to die of stress.
They are mistaken if they think we have good quality of life. Our quality of life, compared to that of the Spaniards or the French or the Germans, absolutely sucks. SUCKS. And guess what? Look at the freaking Euro, getting stronger by the minute. People in countries like Spain and France, and I'm talking the middle class, not the rich, live like kings. They enjoy life, they eat well, they chill out, they party, they have maids, they take time off, they don't feel retarded guilt about missing time from work. Then take a good look at us: either obese or stressed out or dealing with frustrating automated machines every time something goes wrong, which is quite frequently. If Americans work so much, where are the humans at the other end of the line is what I'd like to know.
Oooh, so proud you work so hard. For what the CEO of your company makes, which is probably a trillion times your salary, you should be demanding some respect in the form at least of some paid downtime. You are being taken for a ride, you pathetic bunch of slaves.

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