Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend Update

Friday night we saw Mozart Dances by Mark Morris. It was absolutely gorgeous. Delightful, smart, moving, bracing, exhilarating and beautiful.
Saturday we went to Arthur Ave in the Bronx, for a nice excursion. It is, indeed, like a little little Italy, with pastry shops (I don't think much of Italian pastries), bakeries (better) and restaurants that at 2:30 pm were either empty or closed. We settled on Emilia's for it was the only one with people in it. I had clams oreganata, remember those? They were swimming in oil, garlic and breadcrumbs and were decent. And then I had a pasta al forno, which was good. Nothing better than anything in Manhattan, but fun. The bread though, was great.
Then we took the bus to Orchard Beach, which would have been a pretty oasis of quiet if it weren't from some infernal disco music blasting from somewhere. The farther away you tried to get from it, the louder it got. The beach was not crowded, so I fail to see the reason for such an offensive, obnoxious and hostile racket. The people who patrolled the beach were all fat, as most of the beachbums.
We wanted to sit on the rocks in a jetty but that was not to be. It is forbidden. Three fat security beach people kept screaming at us to get off the rocks, but none could muster the energy to move their ass and come tell us. We got off the rocks and sat on the sand next to the rocks. On the rocks which are on the sand, on the side of the beach. but that wasn't good enough either. The screams kept coming in our direction. They finally radioed a park guard, who told us very politely that it is forbidden to sit on the rocks, even for two conscientious adults, because the rocks are slippery and we may fall. Oh well, I'm happy to see that the powers that be care so much about my well being. We may not have health care, but we sure are well policed at the beach.

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