Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's over

Crushed Macarons from Ladureé

And the immortal words of ELO: "...and what can I do?"
And to follow with the pop music theme,
"I'm back, back in the New York groove".

C'est trés triste, mais c'est la vie.

I got my little green diploma from la Sorbonne, who are not very generous with marks. Quite mediocre, mine. Got a good mark for oral, but a soso one for written. My teacher, who seemed to be far more patient with the utterly lost and irresponsible than with the reasonably capable and diligent, kept bearing down on me because of the blasted "conjugaisons". She thought I knew them; I thought she was there to teach them to me. Alas, we never got that straightened out. Thus, these are the worst grades I ever had since math grades in high school. I feel icky about it. Not used to bad grades, moi.

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