Monday, August 06, 2007

Department of High Anxiety

I am attempting to edit the short myself, with the invaluable help of Bea, who as an animator, has totally adroit editorial instincts and who is teaching me Final Cut Pro. I'm in mortal fear that I will screw up, but I must say that it is a very different feeling to sit at the computer and do it yourself, than to watch the editor do it and then tell him or her what you want.
I used to dislike the editing part of the process precisely for that reason. First you see someone typing and pushing mysterious buttons, and you are completely disconnected from the crafting of the story, which is something very tactile; then you have to explain what you want to achieve, and then watch as the editor interprets what you just told him. If you are lucky, you will get a fantastic editor with great sensibility who will breathe life and art into the film. But you may also get someone who just does what they are told, like a bricklayer. Now that it is in my hands, editing is challenging and unnerving, but far more interesting. I'm saving one step, which is the interpreting of wishes. And I figure, if I intend to continue writing screenplays and directing films, I need to learn how to edit. (So far, it is easier than French).

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