Monday, August 27, 2007

Major Disclaimer!

Little Enchiladita reports from Mexico City that the aforementioned Miguelito powder has been banned in the US (not in Mexico, where whatever you eat is your problem), because it supposedly contains high levels of lead. At this moment, I am trying to ascertain whether the ban includes the fabulous Tajin chili powder. I hope not. The ban includes something called Rielitos and Pulparindos, which are these chewy tamarind bars with chili and lime, that actually, particularly Rielitos, do taste a bit as if you are biting a bit of scrap metal. I never liked those that much anyway.
Still. This means that Mexican children have been consuming heaping amounts of lead forever, and that to judge from my own consumption of Miguelitos, I must have a 2 pound barbell lodged somewhere inside my brain. Lead is part of the food pyramid in Mexico. Everybody knows that.
In any case, this is very upsetting because I'd hate for these uniquely Mexican snacks to disappear from the Mexican diet. I'm sure it is possible to manufacture them without lead, but that is probably prohibitive to whoever is responsible for them.
Also, I wonder if this is not a typical overreaction and a consipracy from the US powers that be, who monitor our food like Alexander Portnoy's own mother. And still, we are the fattest people in the planet.
So in the meantime, my dear readers, if you must, as I will, consume Miguelito, do it with caution and at your own risk.

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