Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I hate teenagers

I'm sure I know one or two who are potentially decent adults. But for the most part teenagers suck. How can parents deal with such impossible monstrosities is beyond me. Yesterday for instance, a bunch of them was hanging out outside my building. They were mostly male, (which reminded me of baboons, except baboons have better manners). They were making fun of a female classmate or friends who was taking their idiot insults quite in stride. She probably knows better than to show annoyance, or she is one of the countless females that sadly still feel they need to be ingratiating to a bunch of overgrown retarded males. We all do that. One of the troglodytes burped in her face. I was standing about 20 feet away. You could hear that burp in Burma. In any case, it was my sad lot to have to ride in the elevator with this gangly, zit-ridden, uglyass bunch. They behaved obnoxiously all the way to the 13th floor, which is where I live. They were blocking the door. I said "excuse me" and exited the elevator. As I walked down the hall I heard one of them scream "BITCH!" whereupon they all thought that was the funniest thing ever.
I do not know what possessed me to retain composure and ignore them, when inside I really felt like taking this guy's puny, developing testes and twisting them into a braid.
I just thought I'd share this with you.


  1. Anonymous7:19 AM

    I hate teenagers too. I must tell you we as parents to teens are going crazy. I myself cry almost daiy at the ignorance. I didnt rasie my teen. She grew up with her dad and she ended up moving in with me last year. I really thjink I need to kick her out. I just know she is going to spoil Christmas for my other younger children If she is hear. Us parents need more rights. I cant believe that my child can act this way and I cant back hand her or the police can charge me. I blame the laws as to why our children are out of control. I HATE ALL TEENAGERS!

  2. Anonymous2:19 PM

    You know, I'm done hating you for hating us. You can lump all you want together and it's okay. Well, alright then! Hate all teenagers! I'm sure every one of us deserves it, in some way, to you.
    It's not as the parents or society has any influence. Because, of course, teenagers design their stupid 'sex sells'-based entertainment, and we make you make stupid music, and WE make laws about parenting. Of course, us children are working against you. Obviously, it makes perfect sense. I mean, duh. No doubt.

    Anyways, yeah, this blog convinced me. people who hate teenagers are just rich .

  3. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Great piece. They should all be sent to an island until they get some sense.