Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ask Bush To Resign Instead... fucking morons. So a senator is doing some homo hanky panky inside a bathroom stall (which is where he belongs, the miserable creep). Still, over his conscience hang not the deaths of over 3000 American soldiers, nor the wholesale destruction of an entire country, nor the trampling of the Constitution and the erosion of public service and of every democratic value this country used to hold dear once upon a time.
Should he resign just because he is a closeted faygele?
The moral cowardice of the Republicans and their despicable hypocrisy are beyond belief. They call a presidential blow job reason for impeachment but stand by while a war is enacted with terrible, lasting consequences, through practiced deception. What gives?
The only thing that makes me happy is to see them all implode, as they are right doing right now, the self-righteous, spineless vermin.

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