Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fashion Outrage

You know what? People wearing their pants below their ass should be punished, not on the grounds of indecency but on the grounds of buttugliness. I don't give a fuck if it so happens that most of the men who wear their pants below their ass, showing their stupid underwear and looking like retards, are black. Anybody wearing that shit should be fined for buttugliness. It is an affront to the eye to see people dressed like that, no matter what the skin tone. And while we're at it, I would also fine fat-assed women who show their rolls in public, and anybody wearing a thong outside her pants. Women who wear flipflops with anything but Summery beach clothes should spend a night in fashion jail (of which I am the Sheriff). And so do adults older than 8 and younger than 80 who wear Crocs. UGG boots get life without the possibility of parole.
I was watching snippets of the US Open today. Whatever happened to tennis whites? Roger Federer looked like a parking attendant, while Serena Williams looked like a hostess in a brothel in Nevada. Who shows up to play wearing long diamond earrings and jewelry?

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