Monday, August 13, 2007

I didn't see squat

So much for the meteor shower. I stayed up until almost 3 am and the sky here in Manhattan was so bright, it was impossible to see anything. I'm very dissappointed. I thought I saw these very faint little bright lines in the sky, but I guess I was just willing myself to see meteors. Oh, well. Next year, I'm going to the countryside, where it's dark.
So one more thing to add to our list of really obnoxious and totally unnecessary environmental pollutants: light pollution. Is there really a need to keep all the midtown office buildings lights on when no one's there?

My list of environmental peeves:

Junk snail mail. This makes me murderous with rage.
Noise. (Cabdrivers and Harley drivers are first on my execution list, followed by restaurants who think they are discos)
Outdoor ad pollution. On top of everything, most ads are ugly.
Electric energy wastefulness.
Siberia-like conditions in movie theaters and office buildings. If you have to bring a sweater, it's wrong.
Water bottles. I recycle them.
Light pollution.

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