Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blogger's Block

I'm running out of kvetching. Not that the world has suddenly changed for the better. Quite the contrary. There is so much evil going on, I'm overwhelmed. Paralyzed. I don't know what to write about.
Iraq? You know how I feel about it. We've been saying the same things for four years. YOU must be bored.
Hurricane Dean? All I can tell you is at CNN they use him to lure unsuspecting viewers: he's weaker, but he may strengthen, he made landfall but he is a category 2. He farted, then he coughed. Enough already.
The politics of God? That article in the NYT magazine? I'm afraid to even open it. My rage against religion in the political sphere is all consuming. I can't deal anymore.
Good things to say?
Only that the Mexican lady with the mangoes cut like tulips with chile is back at her accustomed corner in Union Square. That is a good thing. Until they deport her, that is.
And I recently got a shipment of Mexican Japanese peanuts that is making me very happy. With Miguelito, which is sugar, chili powder and citric acid and only Mexicans like this stuff.
One day, when I'm less depressed I will tell you about Mexican Japanese peanuts.

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